Positive Affirmations and the Placebo Effect

To the average AA member, the hardcore nonbeliever poses a conundrum. In the words of Sir Winston, most appropriately spoken in 1939, he “is a riddle. wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” Fred, or Jane, or Tom, in a sincere effort to assist in overcoming the encountered “belligerent denial,” offers up, “I was a militant atheist when I got here. Don’t worry.” Of course, Fred, or Jane, or Tom, is the owner of an odd dictionary that defines “militant” not as “combatative; engaged in warfare,” but more as “I went home that night, got down on my knees, prayed, and cried like a baby.” As the years go by, through countless retellings, a “Then a voice told me everything was going to be okay,” gets added.