Secular AA Beginners Meeting on Skype

Starting on Sunday April 17, 2016, the Beginner’s Meeting will host a second set of sessions to study A.A.’s 12 Step method,. There are six sessions. Each session is one hour. The meetings will be held using Skype technology – voice only, no video cameras.

Time: Sundays, 7 pm USA Eastern Standard Time (EST)

The objective of the six sessions is to study A.A.’s 12 Step method. The information provided is intended to help beginners understand the methodology of A.A.’s 12 Steps.

Week 1: Powerlessness – Step 1
Week 2: Spirituality – Steps 2, 3
Week 3: Inventory – Steps 4, 5
Week 4: Change – Steps 6, 7
Week 5: Restitution – Steps 8, 9
Week 6: Maintenance – Steps 10, 11, 12

Materials will be provided online to the attendees of the study. Two moderators will present the study materials, followed by a discussion of the materials. These are “walk-in” meetings. You do not have to sign-up ahead of time to attend the Skype meetings. And, you can attend just one of the Skype meetings or all six of the meetings.

For information about how to attend the Sunday A.A. Beginners Meeting send an email to:

download skype

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