Fellowship Speakers at WAAFT IAAC 2014

The first night of the convention in Santa Monica featured the Fellowship Speakers starting with Joe C. from Rebellion Dogs Radio and author of Beyond Belief: Agnostic Musings for Twelve Step Life.  Joe abbreviated his talk in the interest of time, but it was a great kick off to the weekend. Joan C., found of the We Agnostics Group had 45 years of sobriety at the time of her talk. Joan was followed by Tim M. from the We Agnostics Group in Los Feliz, California.

After breaking for lunch, the Fellowship Speakers concluded with Michael B. fromLonda, Deirdre S., the webmaster from Agnostic AA NYC John C, founder of three agnostic AA meetings in Paris, France, and Ann H. from the We Agnostics Group in Santa Monica, California.

All seven speakers are presented here in their entirety.

  •     Joe C
  •     Joan C
  •     Tim M
  •     Michael B
  •     Deirdre S
  •     John C
  •     Ann H
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