Workshops at WAAFT IAAC 2014

There were a variety of interesting workshops on all matter of subjects at the We Agnostics, Atheists and Freethinkers International AA Convention in 2014. What workshops and panels would you like to attend in 2016?

  •     12 Steps Revisited
  •     Alcoholis-Fact, Fiction-Myth or Reality
  •     Changing How We Look at Steps 2 and 3
  •     Freethinking on Step 12
  •     Getting Over Resentments Toward AA
  •     How Can an Atheist Pray
  •     How to Start a Meeting
  •     Is Agnostic AA Loving and Tolerant?
  •     Mindfulness
  •     Newcomers and WAAFT
  •     The Power of Vow
  •     This is Real AA
  •     What We Can Learn from Other Recovery Groups
  •     Women in WAAFT
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