Letter from the Secular AA Convention Planners


Please come and join us and other secular members of AA from around the world at our 2nd WAAFT International AA convention in Austin, Texas on the weekend of November 11 – 13, 2016. We are part of the growing and evolving Fellowship within AA of people who have no beliefs or different beliefs from traditional, religion-oriented AA.

All are welcome.

The theme of our convention is;

“Human Power Can Relieve Our Alcoholism…May You Find Us Now”.

Together, we’ll share our experience, strength and hope. There is already a strong and diverse program of workshops and panels in development and this will be available on the website quite soon. The Speakers and Program committees are now discussing topics, keynote speakers, and moderators for the many sessions that will take place during the convention.

Here’s where we need your help. We are open to any suggestions our members may have but with the caveat: that you will be willing to be a member of the suggested panel or lead the suggested workshop. Please email us if you have specific topics you’d like to discuss. As well, we’ll have lots of sober fun in Austin, a vibrant, progressive community in the heartland of Texas, renowned for it’s cuisine, hospitality and being the live music capital of the world.

Please visit our web site waaftiaac.org for more details and booking information.

Also and importantly you can help spread the word. We don’t have a huge budget to promote this event and are relying heavily on our active members doing some of this work for us. Please copy/print flyers from the website and put them on notice boards, meeting literature tables etc.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Austin! Email; info@waaftiaac.org

WAAFT IAAC Outreach Committee

Download Flyer in Color or Black and White

WAAFT IAAC Flyer Human Power-page-0


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