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“The WAAFTIAAC Board, together with the host committee in Austin Texas, would like to assure the secular AA community that plans for the convention in Austin in November this year are progressing quite well. While we’ve had some changes of people, these events are just part of the normal growing process of our new organization. Many of the previous board members simply did not have the available time to fulfill the responsibilities of these unpaid service positions.

In the beginning of this year we recruited a number of experienced, passionate, bright and dedicated people on the Board who all bring different skill sets, viewpoints and all have long term sobriety. The re-formed Board consists of the following: Dianne P – Chairperson plus Admin and Logistics, Ken S – Vice Chair plus Outreach, Jesse S – Admin and Logistics, Nick H – Host City Chair plus Treasurer plus Programming, Thomas B – Programming, Jerry F – Outreach and Secretary, Vic L – Outreach, John C – Programming. Additional contributors who are not Board members but highly involved are John H – Programming and Pam W – special advisor.

In addition, we’ve renegotiated the Legal Status of the organization as a registered non profit in California and re-established bank accounts. We recruited Mikey as our IT coordinator, (another unpaid position.) He’s done a fantastic job of redesigning the website, enabling us to start ticket sales and book rooms at the Austin Crowne Plaza.

Host City Chair Nick H has done a great job gathering a strong team in Austin, always keeping us up to date on their progress as well as managing finances. Nine subcommittees in Austin all have well defined tasks and goals. They are currently meeting frequently, planning all the great events including live music, great Texas food and fun activities in the best place in Texas. So we certainly feel that the WAAFTIAAC BOD including the Host City Committee have come a long way in a short time.

The programming Committee created a draft program that includes topics over the entire spectrum of interest to secular AAs. In fact, we’ve never seen such a wide variety of subjects covered anywhere: Slogans, Freethinkers, Literature, AA and the Law, Mental Health Issues and Recovery, Young People, Newcomers, ADDICTs and Alcoholics, GLBTQ, Women’s, Yoga, Meditation. In short, we tried to include something for every secular AA member. Do you have some ideas about topics you’ve not seen on the website? Make a suggestion, we’re open to feedback. Send us an email to info@waaftiaac.org.

Regarding speakers, we made a conscious decision that, in keeping with AA’s tradition of service, all speakers are unpaid. The first speaker we chose is Pam W, one of the original founders of the organization, highly involved in the 2014 convention in Santa Monica. The selection process for others is underway. We’ll certainly have at least one speaker from Texas, chosen by the host committee. Our goal with selection of speakers will again encompass a broad spectrum of our community. Think you have something interesting to say? Let us know, send us a clip or an email. Now is the time to get involved if you’re interested and willing to serve our community.

We are all elected volunteers with passion and determination to carry the message of secular recovery to all alcoholics who may have issues with more traditional AA. We want the door of AA to be open to anyone of any belief or non belief. Everyone in the secular AA community will have a voice, including but not limited to Atheists, Agnostics, Freethinkers and everything in-between! Join us in Austin. We’re gonna have a blast.”

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