Episode 21: Roger C. and AA Agnostica

After Roger’s first year in AA, he learned that his home group “Beyond Belief”, had been disenfranchised by the Greater Toronto Area Intergroup. Without warning, the group’s webpage was removed from the Intergroup’s website and their meeting was removed from the local meeting directory. It seems a vote was taken to delist the Beyond Belief and We Agnostics groups, with neither group having a say in the matter. As Roger puts it, the groups were “booted out”, and  indeed they were.

It’s not difficult to imagine the shock and pain felt by the members of the disenfranchised groups. Would their group’s survive and continue to meet? Intergroup didn’t seem to care, and that’s what hurt. They simply didn’t care about what happened to the people in these groups.

In this podcast, Roger describes the situation and how it lead to the founding of the website AA Toronto Agnostics, which later became AA Agnostica, a space for AA agnostics, atheists and freethinkers worldwide.

This was a real honor to speak with Roger and I thank him very much for agreeing to this podcast.

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Larry Gillespie
Larry Gillespie
1 year ago

Just an fyi i checked and the toronto intergroup appears to have reinstated the agnostic and atheist groups as they are listed inthe directory. Good for them. Tradition 2 states that our leaders are but trusted servants they do not govern which mean to control and tell others what they must believe, think and do. Good for them

4 years ago

Is there a meeting close to Long Beach. If not,  is there one in the Santa Monica area.  Is there a way to start on here in Long Beach CA.

Frank M.
Frank M.
4 years ago

Thank you, Roger. For everything.