Rebellion Dogs Radio: Identity, Beliefs and Worldview | Dianne and Pam from WAAFT IAAC

In this episode of Rebellion Dogs Radio, Joe C. takes a look at identity issues for people in recovery, and chats with Pam W. and Dianne P. about the upcoming We Agnostics, Atheists and Freethinkers International AA Convention to be held in Austin, Texas this November.

During the conversation with Pam and Dianne, Pam recalled the night of the business meeting at the first convention in Santa Monica when she turned to Dorothy H. and said, “the fellowship has this now”. She was comfortable with that and it’s been a personal journey for her to watch the convention evolve.

The convention is shaping up nicely. At the time that Joe recorded this podcast, there were 60 rooms left to be reserved, and about 80 people were preregistered. Pam says this is a higher number of preregistrations than what they had at this time for the Santa Monica convention, and she thinks the convention is on track for a 25% to 35% increase from the previous convention. Joe said that he wouldn’t be surprised if we have twice as many attending.

Dianne said there is still a need for people to volunteer to host workshops. A workshop can be on any topic of interest and can be done in whatever format one chooses, whether it be giving a talk on a particular subject or holding a group discussion. Joe for example will be hosting a workshop with Chris from the Since Right Now recovery podcast called “Living Cyber”. If you would like to hold a workshop at the convention, please contact WAAFT IAAC  at their website.

After the conversation with Pam and Dianne, Joe took a look at identity issues, which I found very interesting and definitely worth a listen. He will be speaking on the subject at NAADAC, a convention for addiction treatment professionals to be held in Minneapolis from October 7-11.

Visit Rebellion Dogs Publishing to hear the podcast and to read Joe’s write up.

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