Convention Update from WAAFT IAAC

The WAAFT-IAAC Board of Directors and the Host Committee in Austin, Texas are continuing with the planning and preparation for the convention in November.

Many passionate and dedicated individuals with varying lengths of sobriety who have different viewpoints and experiences – but are united in their desire for a secular AA atmosphere both in Austin and in their home groups – will speak. The convention will carry the message of secular recovery to all those who may have issues with the more traditional approach to AA. The doors of AA will be open to all, regardless of belief or non-belief and is not limited to Atheists, Agnostics, Freethinkers or anything in-between.

Topics to be addressed are: AA and Non-AA Literature, WAAFT Relationship to Conventional AA, Starting a Secular Meeting, Slogans, GLBTQ, Freedom From Fear of Coming Out As an Atheist, Women’s Meetings, Newcomer’s Meetings, Yoga and Recovery, Meditation and Recovery, the 12 Steps in Secular Meetings, The History of Atheists and Agnostics in AA, an International Panel, Avoiding Relapse, Small Town WAAFT, What Is a Freethinker, Mental Health, Spirituality vs Religion, Changing the Big Book, Atheist; Alcoholic; Addict, and Buddhism. And naturally, AA meetings will be held throughout the convention. If you would like to host a panel or a meeting, please email as there are a few slots left.

Our Friday evening speaker will be Pam W, one of the founders of WAAFT who was instrumental in creating and successfully producing the 2014 convention in Santa Monica. In addition, Austin with its great food and music is an attraction in itself.

We have a limited number of rooms left that are blocked out for the convention at the rate of $99 per night, and they are going fast – not to mention the U of T homecoming on the same weekend. So make your reservations sooner than later!

Also, the Early Bird convention fee of $30 per day will go up to $40 per day on August 31st. So be sure to buy your tickets now. Tickets are currently in the process of being generated, and they will be emailed to the address that was used to purchase them.

Here is what we have coming up:

  • The Board is seeking bids for the city to host the next convention in 2018. Bids will be reviewed prior to the convention and voting will occur during the Saturday afternoon General Membership Meeting. A Request for Proposal (RFP) form will soon be available and announced on our website and through email. Start a conversation with your homegroup about hosting the next event!
  • The Board is also seeking nominations for the positions on the next International Board. Voting will also occur during the same General Membership Meeting. An application for a position on the WAAFT-IAAC Board of Directors form will likewise soon be available and sent via the same manner.
  • In addition, the Board is seeking suggestions for a new name of the convention, replacing WAAFT-IAAC. Voting will also occur during the General Membership Meeting. There will be a link to this form to offer suggestions shortly at the same time as the others.

Also, and most importantly, you can help spread the word. We are using every channel available to us to advertise this event, but the absolute most effective method by far is people across the world letting their friends know, announcing it at their homegroups, district meetings and clubhouses, and distributing flyers. You can obtain flyers from our website (monotone and color), please print them up and put them on notice boards, meeting literature tables, give them to interested friends, etc.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Austin!

The WAAFT-IAAC Board of Directors and the Host Committee

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