Episode 28: Roger C. Speaking at Kansas City Secular AA Celebration

Roger C. from the We Agnostics group in Hamilton, Ontario gave a talk in Kansas City, Missouri on August 6, 2016, to commemorate the anniversaries of two secular AA groups. Freethinkers in AA celebrated their first anniversary, and We Agnostics celebrated their second anniversary.

The entire AA community in the Kansas City area was invited, and it was nice to see a number of groups represented. A total of some fifty people were at the gathering, and everyone with whom I spoke, thoroughly enjoyed the experience. One woman from Springfield, Missouri, who just happened to learn about the event that very night, said it was an “enlightening experience” for her.

Roger, first delivered this talk at the Secular AA Convention in Olympia, Washington last year, but he made a few tweaks and updates for this occasion. If you haven’t heard the talk before, then you are in for a real treat. Anyone interested in AA history, and the issues facing secularists in AA, would enjoy this talk.

What a wonderful time we had! I am proud of the AA community in this city, and I am honored and grateful to Roger for taking the time to come all this way to celebrate with us.

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Mark C. "Mark In Texas"
Mark C. "Mark In Texas"
5 years ago

Bravo! Fan-freakin-tastic! Thank you to everyone for doing what you do.

So very encouraging! I’ve been feeling a tad down lately. This talk cheered me deeply.

The struggle is long.



George S
George S
5 years ago

Congratulations on your Group Anniversaries! Enjoyed listening to Roger. First time I’ve heard him speak.

Bill P.
5 years ago

Roger C. What a wonderful presentation of this all important topic! Congratulations on putting all this together for us! How appropriate it was for you to conclude with Bill Wilson’s remarks about responsibility, reaching out to anyone who needs help,  as if at least the spirit of the 12th Step should come at the beginning rather than at the end. I have always thought that the best approach ,especially for a newcomer, someone depressed and overcome by the loneliness of alcoholism, is to find another sufferer, reach out to her or him and extend the hand of welcome, friendship, always… Read more »