May You Join Us Austin!

By Nick H.
Host Committee Chairperson

The 2016 We Agnostics, Atheists and Freethinkers – International AA Convention (WAAFT-IAAC) is happening very soon on the weekend of November 11 – 13 in Austin, Texas.  The expected number of convention attendees is on track to exceed Santa Monica, reflecting the tremendous growth of our movement since then.

Complete details can be found here at WAAFT IAAC.  The panels and workshops are:


  • An Afternoon with the Atheists
  • The Role of Literature in Secular AA
  • WAAFT Relationship with Conventional AA
  • What is WAAFT?
  • Yoga and Recovery
  • WAAFT – Should We Change the Name*
  • All is Clouded by Desire
  • GLBTQ Discussion Panel
  • Freedom from Fear: Coming out as an Atheist in Traditional AA
  • WAAFT Alanon Workshop
  • Women’s Meeting Workshop
  • International Panel
  • The Spiritual Life is not a Theory
  • The Importance of Trust in Sobriety
  • AA and the Law
  • Atheist, Agnostic, Alcoholic, Addict
  • Newcomers Meeting Workshop
  • Meditation and Recovery
  • The Use of Secular 12 Steps at AA Meetings
  • Decline and Fall of AA
  • Living Cyber; Podcasts, Blogs, Social Media, Etc.Young People’s Meeting
  • Men’s Meeting
  • Agnosticos, Ateos, Libre Pensadores Reunion in Espanol*
  • Slogans Workshop
  • Sex and Relationships in Sobriety
  • Traditions Meeting
  • Small Town WAAFT*
  • Anger & Resentments*
  • Spirituality: An Enhancement or Escape


  • The History of Atheists & Agnostics in AA
  • Putting on a Regional Meeting
  • Dealing with AA Fundamentalists
  • WAAFT and Humor
  • Stoicism & Recovery
  • What is a Freethinker?
  • Mental Health Issues & Recover
  • Recovering from the Committee in my head
  • Carrying the Message to the WAAFT – Primary Purpose*
  • Spirituality Vs. Religion
  • Toronto WAAFT vs Intergroup
  • Post Publication Changes to the Big Book
  • Submitting Stories to the Grapevine
  • Buddhist Panel
  • Starting a Secular Meeting
  • Teetering Between the Paradoxes
  • Cults in AA
  • Cross Addictions

* Panels that still need leaders or members

If you would like to suggest a panel or workshop please tell us your suggestions.  And, of course, marathon AA meetings will be held throughout the three days.

Feedback and input from the general secular AA membership would be appreciated on the following:

The host city for the next Convention.

The new Board of Directors.  Positions are available for Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, IT Coordinator, Outreach Chair, and Members-at-Large.  If you would like to significantly influence the future direction of our organization inside and outside of traditional AA, you can help in planning the logistics, events and speakers for the next convention two years from now. You can also represent your local region to ensure our movement stays alive and vibrant!

A new name – or not – for the organization and convention.

Voting on these topics will occur during the general membership meeting on Saturday.

Flyers are available at so you can distribute them at conferences, intergroups, and your local AA group.

Austin, Texas is an exciting a vibrant city that has a great deal to offer.  Be sure to give yourself enough time to explore the city and all that it has to offer. Austin is known as the live music capital and you will be thrilled by the offerings all over town. There will be nothing on the agenda for Saturday night so that you will have an opportunity to take in some of the fascinating food, music and other entertainment on offer.

The host committee for the convention is extremely busy with the final planning stages as we approach November. We are meeting regularly and are currently putting together a welcome package for attendees. We are coordinating the various jobs and volunteers needed and will be putting together a roster closer to the event. There is a great deal of excitement and anticipation building in our membership.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Austin!


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Joe C
4 years ago

conferences are not the be-all-and-end-all; if you don’t like crowds, mania and being in the middle of historical shifts then a nice weekend st home would be fine. After all, you’ll hear all about it from those who went and you’ll hear about it for the next two years… Maybe forever. But if you like being in the middle of turning points, you’ve either booked your trip or you’re on the fence post. If your on the fence post you have two choices left, in my experience: a) The what the f***, I’m going to make it happen election, or… Read more »

John S
4 years ago
Reply to  Joe C

Have a nice trip to Minneapolis. I look forward to seeing you in Austin next month and also attending your panel Living Cyber.