Episode 39: Reflections on WAAFT IAAC


This podcast episode was recorded shortly after returning from the We Agnostics, Atheists and Freethinkers International AA Convention that was held in Austin, Texas from November 11-13th. Included in the discussion is Benn B., from Lincoln, Nebraska and my co-host on AA Beyond Belief, Vic L., from New York, New York and a past board member of WAAFT IAAC, and Willow F. from Seattle, Washington.

The four of us had a conversation about our experiences at the convention, including what we liked and what we might like to see improved. In addition to the podcast, you may want to read the article by Vic, “Some Observations from Austin”, and the article that I wrote “Thinking About Austin”.

If you attended the convention, please share with us your thoughts on the experience. You might also want to read Life J.’s excellent article on AA Agnostica, “The Secular AA 2016 Austin Convention.”

Thank you,

John S.

P.S. There were some audio issues with this podcast for which I must apologize. There is a bit of an echo that I was unable to mitigate through the editing process.

 Podcast Transcript

You can read the transcript to this podcast below or download the pdf.


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Joe C.
4 years ago

Ditto to Bob’s comments – it was a great four-way chat that was helpful for me who was there but couldn’t be everywhere. I hope it’s also useful for people who couldn’t make it. On a point of information, there was a time when Grapevine was costing the fellowship money. It’s declining readership (like almost every other magazine in the internet age) slanted income vs. expenses. But Grapevine is leaner now and a net gain for AA. Many magazines would like to have 91,000 subscribers. However, for us, for 95% of our membership is apathetic to a magazine version of… Read more »

Bob K
4 years ago

The panel discussion worked out well, I thought – 4 articulate folks with nobody trying to dominate. Well done. I’m inspired to catch up on podcasts I’ve missed. My father was an AA guy from 1961 on, and there was an era where the Grapevine was a big deal. I think it’s now irrelevant, and hemorrhaging money. I hear accounting tricks are being used to hide how much. Toronto should have a strong home team attendance as agnostic AA is flourishing here with about a dozen meetings in and around the city. We’ll be testing the regional round-up idea in… Read more »

Thomas Brinson
Thomas Brinson
4 years ago

Thank you Willow, John, Benn and especially Vic for this most engaging podcast discussing the exceptional gathering we experienced together in Austin. It is a propitious testament, which demonstrates that our secular AA movement is evolving and growing fully within and cooperation with mainstream AA. I greatly enjoyed meeting again each of you and sharing with you throughout the auspicious weekend of our deliberations.