Episode 67: Smashed

In this episode, Benn and I discuss the 2012 film Smashed, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Kate, a young woman coming to terms with her addiction to alcohol. Kate recognizes that “sober Kate” is a much different woman than “drunk Kate.” The movie centers on Kate’s relationship with her husband and her fear that she can’t stay married to him and stay sober. It’s a great film that I highly recommend. Please visit Roger Ebert’s site for a full review. 

I hope you enjoy the podcast. Benn and I have a free-flowing conversation stimulated by our reaction to the film and we play a little catch up with each other after having not done a podcast together for a while. 

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Joe C
3 years ago

You guys touched on a few really compelling ideas. One of your themes that I relate to was how art lowers my defenses in a way that non-fiction/personal intervention does not. I let music, movies, fine art theatre in and I lay my defenses down. Also, great fiction is thoughtful and nuanced. A great point. We talk about tools for recovery and we think non-fiction all the time. My Rebellion Dogs bookstore page is almost all non-fiction. Something to think about. You also talked about how films gloss over some of the more revivalist/zealous aspects of finding a higher power.… Read more »

Steve K
3 years ago

I’ve just watched this film, powerful stuff! Great podcast discussion John and Ben. In relation to inviting an addictions researcher to do a podcast with you John, why don’t you approach William White? He’s really knowledgeable and I’ve always found him very helpful. He’s all about the different varieties of recovery and very balanced in his views. He’ll be upto date with the latest brain research no doubt and the opposing viewpoints in relation to addiction. He was a close colleague of Ernie Kurtz.