AA Grapevine Poll: Which is your preferred ending to a meeting?

The AA Grapevine is conducting an online poll regarding the question about how to best close an AA meeting. 

The provided options include:

  1. AA Preamble
  2. Serenity Prayer
  3. Lord’s Prayer
  4. Responsibility Statement
  5. Holding Hands
  6. Other

As of this writing, the majority of respondents prefer the Responsibility Statement with a full 54% registering their preference for the secular closing. The Lord’s Prayer is preferred by 21% of respondents, and the Serenity prayer is the preferred closing for 16%.  

Let the Grapevine know how you feel, and cast your vote today! 

Click here for the Grapevine poll


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2 years ago

Our local AA looks like a Republican Party meeting. Old, white and in your face Christian. There are no young people, no people of colour, no Muslims or Jews  The agnostics are on the down low. Don’t ask, don’t tell. We’re trying to start a new regular AA meeting with a format that does not end with the LP.  We wanted to end with the Responsibility Pledge. Heresy! Now we’re being called the Agnostic Group! Yet we are not. The Old Timers are killing AA. 

Mick Shiels
Mick Shiels
3 years ago

It is pretty universal in Australia that meetings end with the Serenity Prayer. I don’t personally have a problem with this as I find the wording helpful, not as a prayer but a thought process. I understand that it is common in the US to close with the Lord’s Prayer and I would be most uncomfortable with that.

Walter N
3 years ago

Simply put Tradition 4 states that “Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or A.A as a whole”, so opening and closing is strictly up to each individual group, along with Tradition 6 there is no room or controversy.