Secular AA Newsletter February 2019

Message from the Chair of the Secular AA Board of Directors

As Chairperson of the Secular AA Board of Directors I would like to say a few words about our past, present and future as we enter 2019.

We recently experienced our third International Secular AA Conference a few months ago in Toronto.  These conferences have meant the world to many of us and quite literally have changed our lives. For the past four years these get-togethers have been the focus of our organization. Now that we have found each other it is time we add carrying our message to our focus.

In Toronto our membership overwhelmingly approved new bylaws for our organization. Most notably these bylaws established service committees to serve our fellowship and facilitate our mission which is to assure suffering alcoholics that they can find sobriety in Alcoholics Anonymous without having to accept anyone else’s beliefs or deny their own.

Before we found each other at these conferences many of us had to come to this conclusion, for ourselves, by ourselves. We agreed to a vision for our organization to ensure that A.A. remains an effective, relevant and inclusive program of recovery in an increasingly secular society. Secular AA exists to serve the community of secular-minded alcoholics by supporting worldwide access to secular formatted A.A. meetings and fostering mutual support within a growing population of secular-minded alcoholics.

Our first board meeting with our new committee chairs was held on January 18, 2019.  As a board of directors with many new members, I am inspired by the renewed sense of commitment and enthusiasm to carry our message forward.

Our new service committees as stated in the bylaws are:

Outreach Committee – focuses upon carrying our message outside of AA, much like, and in cooperation with existing Alcoholics Anonymous Cooperation with Professional Community (CPC), Public Information (PI) and Hospitals and Institutions (H&I) committees.

In-Reach Committee – whose purpose is to assure that others in A.A. are aware of our Secular AA experience which is that “enduring recovery from alcoholism can be found by agnostic, atheist, and non-religious people, within A.A.”

Our Fellowship Committee – which is tasked with supporting our fellowship by facilitating the means we communicate with each other, get together and help others.

Archives Committee – who is tasked with collecting and disseminating our shared experiences both personal as secular-minded AA members and collectively as a fellowship.

This is a transitional time as we continue to grow.  There is much to do to get these committees fully active, but from our experience in AA, we know that the primary goal is to serve our community — we serve together, not alone. Please consider becoming involved in a committee to ensure that when anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, that the hand of Secular AA is there to help them. Our goal is also to educate all of AA that secular-minded alcoholics can recover so this should be inclusive of a religious AA member helping an atheist find recovery in AA instead of pushing them away.

As we continue to grow, there is an increasing need to fund our IT Services and Administration.  In the AA Tradition, we are frugal; however, we also believe in paying for services.  Please consider participating in our 7th Tradition, to assure that Secular AA is accountable to those we serve and keeps us connected.

Yours in Service,

Sam E. 

ICSAA – Washington DC 2020

The teams are being assembled to bring us all together in Washington beginning on October 30,2020.  There is much to be done and now is your opportunity to become a part of the planning process.  If you have a suggested topic for the 2020 International Conference of Secular AA, or a suggested speaker or panel, or any suggestions at all, please e-mail them to:

When: Friday, Oct 30, 2020 – Sunday, Nov 1, 2020      

Event Location: 

Hyatt Regency Bethesda Maryland
1 Bethesda Metro Center
Bethesda, Maryland 20814


In January 2019, In-reach coordinated a “Widening the Gateway:Secular Members of AA,” young people panel discussion at the Western Area Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous (WACYPAA).

Two of the panel participants got sober in, and were standing home-group members, of Secular AA meetings. The third person was Secular, but attends traditional meetings. The panel was received well and there was a positive Q & A after.

For the two people who got sober in the secular rooms, this was their first time sharing in a non-secular setting.  Angela B. created an outline to assist secular AA members who might be nervous about speaking at traditional AA events, and a copy can be obtained by sending an email to:

A couple of Secular AA members  will be attending PRASSA (Pacific Region Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly) at the beginning of March. We’re also hoping to have a presence at ICYPAA (International Conference of Young People in AA), in August and representation at the Center Office/Intergroup Seminar in September. If any members are attending state or regional events please share your stories with Angela B. at her email above. She wants to share tips that work for helping spread the message of who we are and what we’re doing for alcoholics who are secular.

Fellowship Communication Tools

As Secular AA continues to grow, reaching members from around the world to become a true service organization, is a top priority.  A few new opportunities are in the development stage, and we would like you to share the word and take part as much as you are able.

Ongoing Dialogue with Meeting Organizers

Secular AA is looking for individual members to be their meeting’s contact to help us stay in touch with our membership.   In order to improve communication we will occasionally send announcements to the meetings listed on our website via our contact member.   If you are willing to help please email us at  A separate announcement will be sent to those who have already shown interest in building this network.

Bylaws, Board of Director Minutes and Website Resources

The current bylaws and summaries of the board meetings can be found at our website

Start a Meeting Contact

Let us know if you want to start a  secular AA Meeting in your locality. Please visit our website to find others who may be near you needing help. To start an Online meeting contact

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing service and sharing your ideas and concerns. Feel free to contact me at or any other board director to share more of your ideas and to get further connected.


Faye P.

On behalf of Secular AA’s Board of Directors.

Secular AA Inc.
3440 East Russell Road
Las Vegas, NV 89120 USA

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