A New Secular AA Meeting In Springfield, Illinois

We Agnostics Springfield held the first secular AA meeting in Springfield, Illinois on Sunday, July 14th. The group meets every Sunday at 10:30 am in the back studio of the Springfield Art Association, 700 North 4th Street, Springfield, IL 62702

Jeremiah J. who attended the meeting reports the group was founded by Ryan and Kathryn, and the first meeting was a success with eight in attendance.

The group created an attractive flyer which describes the meeting as “A meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous for agnostics, atheists, humanists, secularists, and anyone curious about 12-step recovery without a god.” 

If you are ever in Springfield, Illinois on a Sunday morning, and looking for a meeting. You now have a secular option. 

Congratulations to We Agnostics-Springfield. 

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Glena Wright
Glena Wright
1 year ago

Is the Springfield Illinois meeting still going ?

John S
1 year ago
Reply to  Glena Wright

I believe so. I am in their Facebook group and there hasn’t been any mention of ending it.

1 year ago

Awesome!!! The Midwest can often be the last region to “be willing” so Congrats! It’s a lonnnnnng
time comin’. Now if ACOADF, etc. can get on board…

marty nieski
marty nieski
1 year ago

Nice going! We, also, have started two meetings here in Northeast Connecticut. It is very satisfying to see people come and actually enjoy a meeting, rather than having to just endure it. We still go to other AA meetings but we all agree having the secular meetings makes it easier to tolerate the other meetings. I guess it’s like having a fallback position. Congratulations!