Secular AA Website Servers Upgraded

The Secular AA website, is in the process of changing servers and updating software to improve functioning of the site, and as a result was down for a period of time. The IT Services Manager for Secular AA, Courtney S. sent out the following message on August 4 to announce the upgrade. 

SecularAA has upgraded!….We have undertaken a project to upgrade our Websites Hardware and Software Operating systems. This project has been in the works for awhile and when we switched Hosting Providers the time was at hand to get this done BEFORE 2020.

The last week has been interesting to say the least as we were forced to change the IP addresses for the websites and All the DNS records. This caused a mandatory down time as the New DNS (Domain Name Server) propagated. This takes anywhere from 12hrs. to one or more weeks in some cases.The good news is most of you will not suffer any prolonged delays. 

For the Technically inclined out there we have specifically moved to Solid State Servers and the much needed Centos7 OS. We also chose a Provider with distributed Data Centers ( Dallas-Seattle-Amsterdam) for redundancy and Latency. Also protection from DDOS attacks and natural catastrophes.

So Thank You SecularAA folks for your patience and understanding in this process!!

Courtney S.- SecularAA IT Services 

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Jane Greek
Jane Greek
1 year ago

Will I be able to access the site with the regular “” address once it’s up and running?

Also, oddly, it comes up on my computer ar work, but i can’t do Zoom meetings at the office.

John S
1 year ago
Reply to  Jane Greek

It’s working now, Jane! There was a problem when transferring to the new server which has been corrected.