La Viña Publishes Stories by Agnostics and Atheists in AA

The September/October issue of La Viña is featuring three stories written by agnostic and atheist AA members.  

  • Sobrio sin Dios or Sober With No God was written by Bill M, an atheist and active member of AA for twenty-six years at the time the story was first published.
  • Un nùcleo de amor or A Nucleus of Love  was written by Carmen C. an agnostic who found sobriety and spiritual peace in AA.
  • Tenemos intereses comunes, or We Have Common Interests was written by Chair Emeritus Non-Alcoholic Trustee, Rev. Ward Ewing. 

The three stories are from the Grapevine book One Big Tent, which was recently translated into Spanish under the title Bajo el mismo techo, which translates to English as Under the Same Roof.  

The new book was featured at the 47th AA National Hispanic Convention of the United States and Canada, in Atlanta, Georgia, which was held from from August 30 to September 1, 2019. 

One Big Tent is among the best selling Grapevine books. The Grapevine reported at the last General Service Conference that 6,275 copies of One Big Tent were sold in 2018. The only other book that sold more copies was Voices of Women in AA, which sold 6,813 copies. 

With permission from LaViña, we have posted Sobrio sin Dios at AA Beyond Belief.

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