Join the AA Beyond Belief Private Facebook Group

It’s now easy to join the AA Beyond Belief private Facebook Group. All you need to do is click here, and ask to join. We will receive your message and add you to the group. When posting in a private Facebook group, only other members of the group can read your posts, and nobody from outside the group can see that you are a member.  

We started this group some time ago as another venue to discuss the articles and podcasts posted at AA Beyond Belief, and to help build a sense of community among agnostics, atheists, and freethinkers in Alcoholics Anonymous. The topics discussed within the group will include subjects outside of what is posted on our website. Members of the group may post their personal experiences as secular people in AA, and receive feedback from other members of the group. It provides a space outside of our website to build community and make connections with other secular AA members from around the world. 

Click here to join.

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