International AA Convention in 2020

What to do in 2020? Yes, living a day a time includes planning today, for the future. It’s not a loophole, it’s just how it goes. 🙂 

Who is going to the International Conference of Secular AA to be held from October 30 – November 1, 2020? Hope to see you there. Registration is open at the Secular AA Website

Who is going to the AA International Convention in Detroit, July 2-4, 2020 ? ICSAA will be there with a hospitality suite that you’ll hear about closer to the date, and the Secular AA Board will be looking for volunteers to play host and put on meetings throughout the weekend.

If you’re unfamiliar with the world convention of AA, every five years AAs meet somewhere and attendance ranges anywhere fro 40,000 to 70,000.  In 2015 it was Atlanta, and in 2025 it will be Vancouver, Canada. It’s a big deal (for those who attend) and requires a bit of planning. The cost for attendance this year is $115.00 and if you’re going, think about registering very soon.

Registration opened in October and Detroit has a limited number of hotels and other accommodations. If you wait too long to register, you may have to stay hours away from the convention site.  Some people have made reservations for Detroit and already booked rooms in Windsor Canada, across the border. It was either that or a 45-minute commute each day.

The way it works is AA World Services reserves a blocks of rooms, and to have access to these rooms, you need to first register, and then you will get a link to the rooms reserved at the convention rate negotiated by AAWS staff. Of course, you can book something online independently, but that’s something others have already had a jump on, too.

So, plan ahead, there is some kind of cancellation policy I am sure, for registrants that can’t come and the same would apply to hotel bookings although the rules would vary from one hotel/motel to another.

Since the 1990 International in Seattle, there has been a We Agnostics panel where atheist/agnostics et-al, have gathered to meet like-minded members from around the globe. This is the first time that we’ll have a hospitality suite throughout the event. It will be a great opportunity to meet people you may only have known on Facebook groups or other online gathering places. 

Here’s the latest cut-and-paste from on news about the conference. 



There are many hotel rooms still available through the Convention Housing Bureau, including dorm rooms. (Shuttle buses are provided for hotels/dorms outside downtown Detroit).

If your hotel/dorm room is in Windsor, Canada, you will need your passport for all border crossings. If you have a felony or DUI conviction, which may impact your immigration crossing, please consult with either U.S. or Canada immigration authorities.

Please research your status prior to the Convention. The following websites are provided as resources:

U.S. State Department website

Canadian Government’s site for Immigration and Citizenship:

Convention Venue

The Cobo Convention Center has a new name: it is now called the TCF Center Detroit.

Coming Soon at

  • Information on how to volunteer for the Welcome Committee in Detroit
  • Pre-order information for convention photo, audio recordings, scooters and other mobility devices.
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8 months ago

I’m personally wondering now if this will be cancelled. The Olympics is now postponed to 2021 which very well may be a better path for all major events this summer including the AA convention. I just can’t see 70000 people being ready to be in a stadium next to each other with all that is going on. Your thoughts?

Ginette Raymond
Ginette Raymond
9 months ago

I would like to cancel my registration. How do I do that?

John S
9 months ago

I’m not sure Ginnette, but try contacting the people at the Secular AA website. Here is a link to their contact page: