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The coronavirus pandemic created a plethora of online secular meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. While, you can find these meetings listed on their local AA entity websites, this can be difficult and since the meetings are online, the geographic location of the group isn’t important. Filling a need to provide information about these meetings, AA members have posted their meeting information in various social media groups. One member, Chris M., created a list of online secular AA meetings that he knows about, and he has been diligently working to keep that list as up-to-date as possible. Additionally, the Secular AA organization has recently posted a Google Calendar that lists online secular AA meetings. You can add your meeting to that calendar by sending them an email them at

Secular AA | ICSAA created a community events calendar so you can list your virtual secular AA event on their website. This can include online secular AA meetings, workshops, panels, conferences, conventions, roundups, and live streams. This is completely self-service. You simply enter your own event directly to our site, and within 24 hours, we will review the event, contact you if we have any questions, and then post it to the calendar.  

Use the online form for the event form to post your event to the calendar. The form is super-easy to use. All you need to do is add the event title, describe the event, list the time and date, and whether or not it is a recurring event. You can also upload an image for your event.  You then will select a category for your event, enter any tags that may be appropriate for it, create a venue, provide your information as the host, the event website and a cost if there is any. 


Chris M.’s List of Online Secular AA Meetings 

Secular AA Google Calendar 

Secular AA Email Address

AA Beyond Belief Event Calendar 

Add Your Meeting Form 

AA Beyond Belief Facebook Group 

Embedded Secular AA Online Meeting Calendar

Add your meeting by emailing

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