Episode 186: Our Question and Answer Episode

Angela and I take questions from callers and the live chat on Facebook and YouTube, and then we ask each other a few questions. There is an interesting discussion about the importance of self-care, and the need for AA to modernize. 

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Episode Summary 

  • Bill from St. Louis asks about diet and exercise, dealing with stress, and talks about some of the differences between SMART Recovery and AA. 
  • Tracy asks what keeps us motivated to continue podcasting and live streaming. 
  • Jacquie asks about the best way to get involved in service. 
  • Karl asks when AA will modernize. 
  • Dennis asks about sponsorship and if the Steps are helpful or are there other things that have become more helpful. 
  • Tracy asks if meetings in the age of Zoom will spell the end of Areas and Districts. 
  • John asks Angela, what’s more important, the Steps or connection with other alcoholics. 
  • Angela asks John to list a couple of his favorite AA Beyond Belief episodes. 

Memorable Quotes 

AA is our homegroup and we can make it whatever we want it to be. – John 

COVID is going to have a lasting effect on how we make it to meetings, and when it’s all over, these secular online meetings will remain. – John 

The connection with other alcoholics is probably more important than working the Steps because, without that connection, I couldn’t work them. – Angela  


SMART Recovery 

Recovery Dharma

Secular Organizations for Sobriety 

Staying Sober Without God, by Jeffrey Munn 

Shift Happens, by Margot Genger 

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