Episode 188: Something Light and Easy

Angela and I have a free-flowing conversation covering a variety of topics ranging from our memories and thoughts about our first AA meeting to whether AA Word Services should publish a new book that covers the program of recovery. We take a call from Fred in Virginia and respond to comments on Facebook and YouTube. 

Key points and topics discussed 

  • The story behind the “God Word” pamphlet. 
  • Announced online conference for ICSAA. 
  • A webmaster is needed for the Secular AA website.
  • Our memories and impressions from our first AA meeting. 
  • Group’s reciting the Lord’s Prayer at AA meetings.  
  • Thoughts on spirituality and using spiritual terminology.
  • Sponsorship.  
  • Managing AA Facebook groups. 
  • Should AAWS publish a new book that addresses the program of recovery? 
  • Thoughts about anonymity.
  • Recovery Coaches. 

Memorable Quotes 

I went to a meeting and they were godding all over the place so I decided it wasn’t for me. So, I left and found a boy at a bar who said he needed to drink less, so we became a sober couple for a month, then decided we could handle it and went back to drinking. – Angela 

In September 2006, I was walking home from the bar and I was so depressed, I was considering taking a leap off the bridge, but there was a part of me that wanted to live, so I went home and called the suicide support hotline. I stayed at a safe house for a couple of days and then went back to the AA meeting. – Angela 

Somebody told me that sooner or later I would have to say the Lord’s Prayer, so I had to stay to prove them wrong. – Angela 

My first sponsor was so great. During those first nine months, he just encouraged me to go to meetings and not to worry about anything else. That was just what I needed. – John 

Recommended Resources  

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