Cleveland Freethinkers Presents Higher Palooza III

Are you interested in applying the Twelve Steps as part of your recovery while maintaining your nontraditional belief about a higher power or the need for one? If so, then Higher Palooza III is right up your alley. Presented by Cleveland Freethinkers and Agnostics, the event takes place via Zoom Conferencing at 10:00 am EST, Sunday, September 20, 2020. It is not necessary to register. All you need is the Zoom ID 854 649 798. No passcode is required.  

Like the previous Higher Paloozas, the event will feature a panel of three speakers. The speakers at Higher Palooza III will include; Guy P. from Denver, Colorado, Ali R., from London, England, and Sally P. from Cleveland, Ohio. All three speakers have long-term sobriety and experience with trudging a secular path in Alcoholics Anonymous.

There will be a recording made of Higher Palooza III posted on the Cleveland Freethinkers website along with the audio from the previous two events.

Cleveland Freethinkers meets seven days a week at 12:00 pm and 9:00 pm EST. You can access the meetings using the Zoom ID 854 649 798 or at The group also has a 24-hour Freethinker Room open to anyone who needs it. The ZoomID is 992 233 193 77 or at

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