Episode 189: Sober Gratitudes with Sarah Elizabeth

Our guest for this episode is Sarah Elizabeth from the Sober Gratitudes podcast. Now, I’ll tell you, this isn’t a typical episode for AA Beyond Belief, because Sarah doesn’t identify as either an atheist or agnostic. In fact, she describes her experience as spiritual, and she attributes her sobriety to a higher power, which she identifies as the God of her understanding. Now, that being said, this is truly an amazing person you’re about to meet. She has an inspiring story, and she is my friend and also a friend of AA Beyond Belief. I enjoyed our conversation very much, and I hope you do as well. 

Key points and topics discussed 

  • Sarah’s story.
  • How trauma and abuse impacted her addiction and recovery.
  • Lucid dreaming.
  • The importance of identifying as recovered as opposed to being in recovery.
  • Sarah’s relationship with her husband and children in recovery.
  • The impact of COVID on her recovery.
  • Her experience with the Sober Gratitudes podcast.

Memorable quotes 

I began drinking at a young age. I didn’t think I was young. I was fourteen, and I just fell in love with the feeling of the alcohol when it entered my bloodstream. It numbed some uncomfortable feelings that I’ve been having most of my life.

From the age of fourteen to thirty-nine, my life was me and alcohol and us conquering the world together.

I was such a good secret keeper because of the abuse. My abuser also drank and threatened me not to tell anyone. Today those secrets are my abuser’s secrets now, they aren’t my secrets any longer and I don’t have any shame. But because I was such a great secret keeper, no one knew about my alcoholism, not even my husband.  

Because of COVID, I have literally been rocketed into the fourth dimension. People have come into my life who would not have without COVID because of these zoom meetings.

Sarah’s website and podcast 

Sober Gratitudes Website

Sober Gratitudes on Apple Podcasts 

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