Episode 190: Decisions

In this episode, Angela and John have a discussion about making decisions and how they learned to make better decisions in recovery. Angela talked about how attending meetings and working the Steps helped her learn to become more mindful and less reactive, and John talked about the difficult decisions he had to make early in sobriety. This was recorded from our Friday night live stream and featured comments from YouTube and Facebook, as well as from listener phone calls. 

Key points and topics discussed 

  • Impaired decision making born from an unmanageable life spent reacting from one crisis to the next instead of making decisions. 
  • Had a habit of not perceiving reality correctly. 
  • Avoiding decisions.
  • Learning decision-making skills from attending meetings and working the Steps.
  • Learning to delay decisions by saying “let me get back to you.
  • Becoming more mindful and less reactive. 
  • Following a process in making decisions. 
  • Avoiding analysis paralysis. 
  • Not making any unnecessary changes during the first year of sobriety. 

Memorable quotes 

It’s a matter of being less reactive and more thoughtful and mindful. – John 

I wanted to live a sober life and not be completely insane and I was really hoping this would be a way to do that, and it is. – Angela 

The practice to decide to commit to self-care isn’t selfish. – Jacquie 

I’m all about pausing before making a decision. This is kind of like the advice often given in meetings about thinking it through. – Jacquie 


My essay about decision-making.

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