Episode 192: AA Beyond Belief at Five Years

John and Angela celebrate the fifth anniversary of AA Beyond Belief by taking a look back at when and how it all started.  

Key points and topics discussed 

  • Meeting Roger C. at the We Agnostics and Freethinkers International AA Conference. 
  • Roger encouraging John to start AA Beyond Belief. 
  • John explains why he started the podcast. 
  • What about AA Beyond Belief materialized as first imagined and what didn’t.
  • The people who work at AA Beyond Belief. 
  • The work behind publishing a story on the website. 
  • How the AA Beyond Belief Facebook group started and why. 
  • Weekly live streams on YouTube and Facebook. 

Memorable quotes 

I listened to Joe C.’s podcast and I really liked his work, and his podcast helped shape my views of how I view AA. He helped me find my place in AA as a secular person. – John S. 

I didn’t want people to think about AA Beyond Belief as my website. I wanted it to belong to the community. I wanted to create something that would live on regardless of who was involved with it. – John S. 


AA Beyond Belief an Introduction 

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AA Beyond Belief Pamphlet 

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