International Conference of Secular AA Going Virtual

Who, what, when, and where

The International Conference of Secular AA is going virtual on December 5, 2020, with a four-hour mini-conference via Zoom Conferencing. The mini-conference will begin at 9:00 am PST, 12:00 pm EST, and 5:00  pm GMT+1. Registration details will be posted soon on the Secular AA website and Facebook page.

This event will prove to be more international than the three previous in-person conferences held in Santa Monica in 2014, Austin in 2016, and Toronto in 2018. There is no need for a passport and the conference is free for everyone.

A program is unfolding 

As with past conferences, there will be a speaker, a sharing session, and a variety of panels and workshops. The AA History panel will be hosted by Jackie B. from the AA History Symposium, and participants will include Chris Finan, author of Drunks: The Story of Alcoholism and the Birth of Recovery, Bob K., author of Key Players in AA History, and Bill Schaberg, author of Writing the Big Book: The creation of AA.

In addition to a speaker, workshops, and panels, there will also be a sharing session as was done at the Toronto Conference in 2018.

Volunteers Needed 

There is ample opportunity for you to participate. Volunteers are needed to host workshops or panel discussions. If you are interested, please send an email to Secular AA | ICSAA at


Click to access Virtual-ICSAA-120520-1.pdf

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Joe C
Joe C
1 month ago

Do we know how to party sober or what! Live secular, Living Cyber.

1 month ago

Love it! Don’t care if I ever go to another f2f event of any kind!