Episode 194: OMAGOD Online Secular AA Meeting

In this episode, I speak with Mikey J. from Our Mostly Agnostic Group of Drunks (OMAGOD) located in Orlando, Florida, and now meeting online every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:00 pm Eastern. Mikey takes us through the history of the group and what they learned about hosting online AA meetings. 

Key Points and Topics Discussed 

  • The history of OMAGOD and their online meetings. 
  • How to keep a secular AA meeting from drifting into discussions about religion and gods. 
  • How to handle Zoom bombers and keep the meeting safe. 
  • Tips s for celebrating anniversaries online. 
  • How to help newcomers in a Zoom meeting.

Memorable Quotes 

I had been sober in AA for about 8 years, all in traditional AA, and every time I saw the god stuff, it didn’t register, I just ignored it. Then I came out as an atheist, and this was my support group, my family, everything to me and they slowly started turning their back on me.  – Mikey J. 

It never occurred to me that other people who don’t believe in God would have a problem in AA. – Mikey J. 

I still love going to meetings, especially out of town. One thing that I think is important is that we remain neutral about God. – Mikey J. 

We are a really good meeting where the God topic just doesn’t come up much. – Mikey J. 


OMAGOD website 

Link to more online secular AA meetings 


AABB Episode 5: A Conversation with Mikey J. 

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9 months ago

Fun and lively podcast John and Mikey, just like the OMAGOD Zoom meeting I attended. With all the ‘Bells, Whistles and Sound Effects’ I thought I’d stumbled into the latest attraction at Disney World. But as you said, the meeting has meat on it, an extremely well managed meeting, delicately replicating the fellowship feeling of ‘In room A.A.’ with ‘Zoom A.A.’ I felt I was sitting in a room with everyone and I loved the coffee meeting afterwards where we all were divvied up into smaller groups. Great way to support the newbies, just like getting together in a coffee… Read more »