Secular Ontario AA Roundup 2019

ICSAA 2018 Friday Night Speakers

  •     Introduction
  •     David K., Valencia, Spain
  •     Angela B., Boise, ID
  •     Viteck, Poland
  •     life-j, California
  •     Julie, Toronto, ON
  •     Katie M., Belgium
  •     Justin, South Africa
  •     Michael B., Chiswick, England
  •     Dale, Delegate Area 86
  •     Jon W. AA Grapevine Senior Editor
  •     Kathy W., Winnipeg, MB
  •     Beth H., Arizona
  •     Mick S., Queensland, Australia
  •     Lena R., North Bay, ON
  •     Don M., Kingston, ON
  •     Carol P., California
  •     Roger C., Hamilton, ON
  •     George, New Rochelle, NY
  •     Wayne H., Maryland

ICSAA 2018 Featured Speakers

  •     Deirdre S.
  •     Dr. Vera Tarman
  •     Dr. Ray Baker

ICSAA 2018 Workshops and Panels

  •     Sam E. and Carol M. Introduction: Inclusion and Diversity
  •     Archer V. Emotional Sobriety The New Frontier
  •     Beth H. Reframing the Steps
  •     Catherine R. and David B. Trauma and Addiction
  •     Jeb B. Still LIving the 12 Steps
  •     Courtney S., Maria T., and Carol P. Online Meeting Demo
  •     Nigel S. and Andrew H. My Pet is Step 2
  •     Sheila K. Psychotherapy and Secular AA
  •     John L. AA Literature, Revise, Reject, Replace?
  •     Vic L. Are Atheist Thumpers Dividing Secular AA?
  •     Afternoon with the Atheists
  •     Agnostic AA History Panel
  •     Regional Conferences
  •     The Biology, Psychology and Philosophy of Spirituality
  •     John H. Relevance of the 12 Steps

WAAFT IAAC 2016 Featured Speakers

There were three keynote speakers at the second We Agnostics, Atheists and Freethinkers International AA Convention held in Austin, Texas in November 2016

  • Pam W. from We Agnostics in Hollywood and a co-founder of WAFT IAAC
  • Pat N. from Olympia, Washington
  • Deirdre S. from New York City and

Here we present all three speeches in their entirety as delivered in Austin, Texas in November, 2016

  •     Pam W.
  •     Pat N.
  •     Deirdre S.

WAAFT IAAC 2016 Panels and Workshops Day 1

  •     Afternoon with the Atheists
  •     Literature in Secular AA
  •     Teetering Between the Paradoxes
  •     WAAFT and Conventional AA
  •     Court Ordered Recovery in AA
  •     I'm a WAAFT and This is My Story
  •     Quotes from the Founders
  •     Time to Quit Using the Terms Alcoholic and Addict

WAAFT IAAC 2016 Panels and Workshops Day 2

  •     A History of Atheists and Agnostics in AA
  •     Trust in Sobriety
  •     All is Clouded by Desire
  •     LGBTQ Panel
  •     FEAR
  •     WAAFT Alanon Workshop
  •     Women's Workshop
  •     International Panel
  •     Spiritual Life is Not a Theory
  •     WAAFT a Name Change
  •     Atheists, Agnostics, Addicts, Alcoholics

WAAFT IAAC 2016 Panels and Workshops Day 3

  •     Spirituality Enhancement or Escape
  •     Putting on a Regional Conference
  •     Cults and Fundamentalism
  •     WAAFT and Humor
  •     Stoicism and Recovery
  •     What is a Freethinker?
  •     Writing and Recording Stories for the Grapevine
  •     Recovery from the Committee in My Head
  •     Carrying the Message: Our Primary Purpose
  •     Mental Health Issues and Recovery
  •     Spirituality Minus Religion
  •     Toronto WAAFT vs. Intergroup
  •     Publication Changes to the Big Book
  •     Riding Unicorns AA Myth Busting
  •     Buddhist Panel
  •     Starting a Secular AA Meeting
  •     Cross Addictions
  •     AA and the Law
  •     What is the Future of WAAFT?

WAFT IAAC 2014 Workshops

There were a variety of interesting workshops on all matter of subjects at the We Agnostics, Atheists and Freethinkers International AA Convention in 2014.

  •     12 Steps Revisited
  •     Alcoholis-Fact, Fiction-Myth or Reality
  •     Changing How We Look at Steps 2 and 3
  •     Freethinking on Step 12
  •     Getting Over Resentments Toward AA
  •     How Can an Atheist Pray
  •     How to Start a Meeting
  •     Is Agnostic AA Loving and Tolerant?
  •     Mindfulness
  •     Newcomers and WAAFT
  •     The Power of Vow
  •     This is Real AA
  •     What We Can Learn from Other Recovery Groups
  •     Women in WAAFT

WAFT IAAC 2014 Panels

There were a number of interesting panel discussions at the We Agnostics, Atheists and Freethinkers International AA Convention held in Santa Monica, California in November 2014. This is not a complete list, but it’s a good sample of the majority of the panels.

  •     AA Conference Delegates Panel
  •     Canadian Panel
  •     Eastern States Regional Panel
  •     European Panel
  •     Island Nations Panel
  •     LGBT Panel
  •     Listing Issues Panel
  •     Midwest Founders Panel
  •     Midwestern States Panel
  •     Our Primary Purpose Panel
  •     Policheck Panel
  •     Relapse Panel
  •     Web Servants Panel
  •     Southern California Founders Panel
  •     Southern California Old-timers Panel
  •     Southern States Panel
  •     Spirituality in Agnostic AA
  •     Western States Founders Panel

WAFT IAAC 2014 Fellowship Speakers

The first night of the convention in Santa Monica featured the Fellowship Speakers starting with Joe C. from Rebellion Dogs Radio and author of Beyond Belief: Agnostic Musings for Twelve Step Life.  Joe abbreviated his talk in the interest of time, but it was a great kick off to the weekend. Joan C., found of the We Agnostics Group had 45 years of sobriety at the time of her talk. Joan was followed by Tim M. from the We Agnostics Group in Los Feliz, California.

After breaking for lunch, the Fellowship Speakers concluded with Michael B. fromLonda, Deirdre S., the webmaster from Agnostic AA NYC John C, founder of three agnostic AA meetings in Paris, France, and Ann H. from the We Agnostics Group in Santa Monica, California.

All seven speakers are presented here in their entirety.

  •     Joe C
  •     Joan C
  •     Tim M
  •     Michael B
  •     Deirdre S
  •     John C
  •     Ann H

WAFT IAAC 2014 Keynote Speakers

  •     Marya Hornbacher
  •     Phyllis H.
  •     Rev. Ward Ewing

AA Beyond Belief Audio Stories

We hope you enjoy these audio stories, narrated and recorded by Len R. from Jasper, Georgia. Len has generously volunteered his golden voice and time to record stories that have been published on our site. These audio stories are especially useful for those who are visually impaired, but they also provide a convenience for the person on the go, another format for accessing our stories. 

You may find the audio stories on our YouTube and SoundCloud channels or you may scroll through the play list below:

Thank you, Len for your service to the Fellowship, and to AA Beyond Belief.

AA Agnostica Audio Stories

In addition to recording the stories published on AA Beyond Belief, Len is also recording the stories that have been published on AA Agnostica. You will want to follow the AA Agnostica YouTube Channel as those audio stories are posted.

A History of Agnostics in AA

KC Secular AA Speaker Meeting

A Secular Sobriety

A Secular Sobriety will help alcoholics and addicts to understand the fellowship and program of Alcoholics Anonymous “without having to accept anyone else’s beliefs or having to deny their own.” It includes a secular and non-sexist version of the first 164 pages of the Big Book bringing a 78 year old text into the 21st century. A Secular Sobriety brings truth to AA’s claim to be “spiritual, but not religious.” The author offers insightful commentary regarding AA’s fellowship, program, organization and its primary text. Succeeding over the misery of addiction is within the reach of any person regardless of personal beliefs. There is no reason for religious conversion to be a part of any 12 Step program.

We Agnostics Kansas City

These are audio stories published on the blog for the AA group, We Agnostics Kansas City

Secular AA Kansas City

These are audio stories published on the website for Secular AA Kansas City

Eric C. from We Agnostics in Traverse City, Michigan

Northeast Regional AA Service Assembly

Is God A Requirement For AA Membership?

Secular AA Panel at the 2018 Keystone Conference in Winnipeg, AB

We Agnostics Panel at the 2017 Florida State AA Convention in Jacksonville, Florida

We Agnostics Panel at the 2015 International AA Convention in Atlanta, Georgia

We Agnostics Panel at the 2010 International AA Convention in San Antonio, Texas

We Agnostics Panel at the 2005 International AA Convention in Toronto, Ontario

We Agnostics Panel at the 1995 International AA Convention in San Diego, California

Jim Burwell


  •     Jim Burwell 1952
  •     Jim Burwell 1957
  •     Jim Burwell 1963
  •     Rosa and Jim Burwell 1974

The Thinking Atheist Podcast

Addiction Recovery: 12 Steps and Beyond

A discussion of AA history and the experience of atheists in Alcoholics Anonymous. 

SHAIR Podcast Episode 138: What Might a Higher Power Look Like for Atheists or Agnostics?

CBC Tapestry

The God of Your Understanding: Religion in AA

Roger C., JoAnne K., and Joe C. interviewed on the CBC program Tapestry. 

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