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Fred S plunged deeply into alcoholism before getting sober in 1995. Sobriety was good to him and he prospered. After several years he looked at his comfortable situation and thought, “Things went to hell all at once in my life back then, and I handled it poorly by drinking. Now, with my life calm and settled, I believe I can drink in moderation.” He found out he could not.

Because of the religious aspect he steered clear of AA at first, trying over and over to get sober again by himself. At length he returned to AA and discovered We Agnostics Group of Dallas, which was just what he needed. He now has 1 1/2 years of sobriety. He spends his free time drumming and woodworking.

To Know the Difference

To Know the Difference

In June of 1995, I left the court-ordered residential treatment center which had been my home for the past five months. I was sent there after causing a car wreck and being convicted of felony Intoxication Assault. While there I faced my step one powerlessness, immersed myself in the AA program, and learned how to extract what I needed…