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Steve K has been a member of AA for 24 years and lives in Cheshire, which is in the N. West region of England. He would describe himself as a humanist/agnostic. His home group is the Macclesfield Saturday morning AA group and he regularly chairs the meeting. He has a background in advice and counselling work, mainly in the areas of mental health and social welfare law. Steve enjoys swimming and going to the gym regularly at the local Leisure Centre and hill walking in the Cheshire countryside.

He’s recently started a recovery blog, 12stepphilosophy, and has self-published an eBook entitled “The 12 Step Philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous: An Interpretation by Steve K.” The Third edition is available as both an eBook and a paperback at Lulu.

AA Spiritual and Religious

AA Spiritual and Religious

It is quite often stated by AA members that the fellowship is “spiritual not religious.” I do not think that this statement is entirely accurate and would suggest that in a broad sense it can be validly described as both. It can certainly be related to in this way by individual members if they are inclined to do so…