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William F. is a native Rhode Islander who has resided in Florida for the past 30 years. A self aware “problem drinker” since his youth he held on to the drinking life until he was 48 years old. In his twenties he gave Alcoholic’s Anonymous a try and was able to maintain sobriety for a couple of years. But life threw a few curves and AA never stuck due to issues with the “Higher Power” philosophy.

William has maintained long term employment with the same government agency for many years, where he currently supervises a social services center in a large Florida city.

Today William is a single parent who has custody of his 16 year old son-primarily a result of his nearly 9 years sobriety. He recently decided to return to AA meetings, not to search for a “Higher Power”-but to commune with fellow sufferers of alcoholism.

Rediscovering AA

Rediscovering AA

I was aware of my potential alcoholism by the time I was 20. Less than two years into college and I was in trouble. My grades were borderline and the only major I settled on was drinking. I was on the Rugby team and my drinking behavior and escapades became legendary. But I knew something was not right with me…