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ICSAA 2018 Friday Night Speakers

  •     Introduction
  •     David K., Valencia, Spain
  •     Angela B., Boise, ID
  •     Viteck, Poland
  •     life-j, California
  •     Julie, Toronto, ON
  •     Katie M., Belgium
  •     Justin, South Africa
  •     Michael B., Chiswick, England
  •     Dale, Delegate Area 86
  •     Jon W. AA Grapevine Senior Editor
  •     Kathy W., Winnipeg, MB
  •     Beth H., Arizona
  •     Mick S., Queensland, Australia
  •     Lena R., North Bay, ON
  •     Don M., Kingston, ON
  •     Carol P., California
  •     Roger C., Hamilton, ON
  •     George, New Rochelle, NY
  •     Wayne H., Maryland

ICSAA 2018 Featured Speakers

  •     Deirdre S.
  •     Dr. Vera Tarman
  •     Dr. Ray Baker

ICSAA 2018 Workshops and Panels

  •     Sam E. and Carol M. Introduction: Inclusion and Diversity
  •     Archer V. Emotional Sobriety The New Frontier
  •     Beth H. Reframing the Steps
  •     Catherine R. and David B. Trauma and Addiction
  •     Jeb B. Still LIving the 12 Steps
  •     Courtney S., Maria T., and Carol P. Online Meeting Demo
  •     Nigel S. and Andrew H. My Pet is Step 2
  •     Sheila K. Psychotherapy and Secular AA
  •     John L. AA Literature, Revise, Reject, Replace?
  •     Vic L. Are Atheist Thumpers Dividing Secular AA?
  •     Afternoon with the Atheists
  •     Agnostic AA History Panel
  •     Regional Conferences
  •     The Biology, Psychology and Philosophy of Spirituality
  •     John H. Relevance of the 12 Steps
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